Expecting the Unknown

Expectations… they really become an obstacle for us. Well, me, anyways. Hopefully not you.

Me and a couple of my friends were talking about the expectations we had, but all realized around the same time that these things were not guaranteed.

Who here has just always expected their life to go a certain way? *raises hand*

I’ve always thought my life would go somewhat like this:

I would find the perfect boy that was meant for me. We would fall in love and get married. Have a few children. Live in a cute house. Have a nice life.

Why have I always just thought this would happen? I recently realized that I might never get married. I might never have kids. I might never live the life I had imagined since I was a little girl. And that’s okay!

If I walk through life with the expectations of a “perfect life,” I’m going to end up very disappointed.

That means I would end up being disappointed in the life God laid out for me because it’s not what I chose for myself. But it was never up to me, really. It’s not me planning things out. It’s me either trying to plan everything out and going off on my own or listening to what God is telling me. Going where He wants me to go. Letting Him lead me instead of being stubborn. Instead of trying to be the one in charge. Because I am most definitely not the boss here.

You see, these expectations that we have, they might seem realistic. And they’re pretty normal. But truth be told, and it might be an unwanted truth, the expectations we are holding are damaging and misleading.

They hold us back from everything that we should be doing! If we keep trying to map out this blueprint of life, we’re going to forget where we are. We’re going to stop doing the work that is necessary right. now. We’ll be too focused on the things we might do, and the places we might go. Or the job we might have. The family we might end up with.

So here’s my advice to you. Drop all the expectations you’ve been holding for yourself. Dig deeper into God. Continue to build your relationship. If you just give Him the reigns completely without fighting for them, He’ll take you where you need to be.

So friends, don’t worry, be happy. 😉

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