I Will Wear My Sweatpants Proudly.

Almost every time I’ve scrolled through my phone for the past few days, I see these negative articles that keep popping up.

Ones that say things like, “Girls need to save gym clothes for the gym.”

“The Chaco trend needs to stop.”

“These summer trends need to die.”

Okay, so maybe you’re not a fan of Birkenstocks. Or you can’t stand high-waisted bikinis bottoms.

How does that opinion of yours give you the right to knock others down for doing these things?

You don’t know the lives and feelings of everyone. You have to understand that. Just because you feel a certain way about something, doesn’t mean that’s right or wrong.

I wear an oversized shirt with athletic shorts almost every day. And I. Love. It. And yes, I wear leggings all the time too. No, I don’t feel like I need to dress up to sit on my couch and watch Riverdale on Netflix. No, I don’t feel like I need to put on nice clothes with high heels to run to Dollar General for allergy medicine. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with dressing up for these things! Not one problem with it. Power to those that have that motivation. But some of us don’t. You’re criticism will not stop us from being comfy, although it would be nice if you didn’t belittle us for it.

When people first started wearing Birks, I did not like them. I’ll admit it (please don’t square up with me). But they’ve really grown on me! So what if they kinda look like something your funny uncle would wear at the barbecue? I thought we were past this. Birkenstocks have FANTASTIC arch support, and they last for a long time! They’re comfy, and they match almost any outfit. So stop making fun of the people that wear them!

This ones for all my Chaco lovers. You don’t have to stop wearing your prized sandals. Don’t listen to the people that tell you otherwise. Some people aren’t fond of Chacos, some adore them! These shoes also last for a long time and stay in good condition. If you like these shoes, keep doing your thang. If you don’t, then don’t wear them. It’s simple! It is not costing you anything to see people wearing them.

High-waisted bikini bottoms. Love. Okay some of the people that hate this trend might not understand how much people love these. Sometimes, people want to be modest without having to squeeze into a one-piece swimsuit. Sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable in a low-rise bikini. They don’t feel as held together as they would like, or they feel overexposed. These people would look wonderful in anything! But for goodness sake, don’t put them down for wearing something that makes them feel more comfortable and beautiful.

There comes a point where we all have to realize that our opinions are not the most important thing. The stuff I wrote up there? Far from the most important thing. But loving others is so, so, SO stinking important. It’s not our job to rule their lives because we don’t like a certain style. It’s our job to lift them up and make them feel better about themselves.

Stop telling people what they can and can’t do or wear or think. Unless it is harming you or your loved ones. Just let them be. Love them anyways.

Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

This has been my favorite bible verse for quite a while now. It’s one that we can keep in our heads at all times. One that really makes us think about what we’re doing or saying. One that reminds us that we need to be encouraging and loving at all times. Not degrading and judgmental.

The next time you think that it’s your responsibility or duty to tell people that they should stop wearing something, keep this verse in mind. Change your words to be lovely ones.

So I’m going to continue to wear my gym clothes everywhere it’s acceptable. I will keep throwing my hair into messy buns that fall out within 20 minutes, but I don’t try to fix it. I will keep going out in public without any makeup.

And I will do it all without shame.

Keep wearing what you want, keep being yourself. Have a wonderful, lovely, beautiful day.

Go out there and spread some kindness and sweetness.

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