Fear. Fear. Fear.

Fear is all you’ve been hearing about lately.

Fear is a liar!

Overcome your fears!

Don’t let fear stop you!

Maybe you’re getting a little burnt out on hearing about fear? Well it’s a more important subject than you might realize. So please don’t get annoyed with all the talk about it.

Maybe everyone is just finally realizing how important it is to know about fear. Where it comes from, what it is, and how to get over it.

Fear is evil. It comes from evil. Just everything about it is nasty evil.

It’s a trick of the devil to make us not trust God.

Because God has given us faith to know that we don’t have to be scared. Because if we step out into whatever he’s called us to do, HE WILL HOLD US. But we just can’t do it for some reason.

Fear is the lie that says, “What if He lets you fall?”

The lie that says, “Maybe you aren’t good enough for Him to hold onto you.”

And it’s crap.

Fear. Is. Crap.

One of my classes at school is planning a Colorado trip soon. A friend and I were talking about it, but that night I got scared thinking about it.

Have you ever seen or heard of the Royal Gorge swing? Well it’s a swing that you get strapped into and then you swing from the bridge. IT IS HUGE. Seriously, it’s a big drop. I’m not even sure if we would be going there, but just the thought of it was giving me anxiety.

(I’m also a girl that used to be scared to ask people for silverware or where the bathroom is.)

I was laying in bed and couldn’t fall asleep because I was so terrified of that darn swing. I want to do it so badly, but I know I would be too scared to buckle in once I got there. What a sad way to live our lives. Knowing there are amazing things out there that we have the opportunity to do, but being too scared to pursue.

That night, I dreamed about skydiving. What? I’ve never had a desire to jump out of a plane. I might’ve even thought you were crazy if you wanted to. But I had this dream where I wanted to, but I was too scared to even go up in the plane. What if the parachute doesn’t open? What if I fall out before I’m properly hooked in? So many “what if’s.”

I woke up and realized fear was controlling so much of my life. What if I get hurt? Or what if I die?

All these things are terrifying. But it doesn’t matter the outcome. Everything will end up okay. You die? You’re going to anyways. At least you can finally be up where there are no worries or fear. It’s a tough way to look at things because I’m not wanting to die right now, really. But I can’t say I’d be complaining once I was inside those gates.

When we face our fears, we are showing God and the people around us that we believe and we trust the Holy One. We are laughing in the face of evil, knowing that they no longer have power over us.

Being brave is a way to share our faith. A way that we might not think about much. Don’t like public speaking? That’s fine, you can do something else that scares or thrills you. It doesn’t always have to be something as dramatic as jumping out of the sky. It could be helping strangers out if you’re not the type to normally do that. I know that not very long ago, I could barely even talk to people I actually knew, let alone strangers. We can show others that we’re not scared because we know that we’re going to be held up, as long as we’re willing to put our faith into action. And they should want the same thing.

So what are we afraid of? God’s got us.

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