A Love Letter to the Girl Who Hates Herself

Dear you,

I heard you say you hate yourself. Maybe I didn’t hear you say it. I know you think it though. I can tell by the way you act when you mess something up.

Like that time you said a wrong answer and were so disappointed in yourself that you never wanted to share another thought.

When you tripped up the stairs (while people were watching) and were so embarrassed that you would do that, because who ever does that?

When you felt so ridiculously dumb paying for your groceries at the store because you didn’t count out the right amount of money.

When you looked in the mirror and were so upset at yourself for ever eating any kind of junk food in your life.

What about that time in Sam’s when you just wanted to enjoy a free sample of mini tacos, but you spilled the salsa all over yourself, the cart, and the floor.

In these situations, some of us tend to mutter a small phrase. A small phrase that means way more than we tend to realize.

I. Hate. Myself.

I’m very guilty of saying these words too often. I used to anyways, until I realized I was too hard on my myself. And dangit, you are too.

These things that you’re hating yourself over, are minuscule. Unimportant. Silly. And common. Trust me. All of those are examples from my life.

Why do we let these tiny, tiny things determine how we see ourselves? We start letting them define us even.

It’s lies that make you feel hate towards your own self. Lies that you are not good enough. Lies that you are stupid. Lies that you are the messiest thing. Lies that you will never be as good as that person next to you.

Sure, sometimes we have a goof or two. Or 3. Or 20. So what? What else can you expect? You are human.

Those lies are what make you not want to be you anymore. But I have some truth to save you from those lies.

You were created by a God that loves you. A God that sees you as beautiful even when you fail him and yourself. A God that made you to be wonderful. A God that made you strong enough to stand against the lies that make you hate yourself. And a God that is always standing strong for you.

If the God over all the galaxies; the God that made all the creatures; the God that purposefully gave you a life to live; the God that gave you water to drink and food to eat; the God that sacrificed so much so that each and every person on this planet could truly live, loves you, then why don’t you love yourself?

This picture of me. I think it’s one of the worst things ever! I look confused and weird and it’s just not a flattering picture. I don’t even know what my face is doing. But I’m going to share it anyways, because it’s okay that I don’t love this. Because I’ve learned that some bad pictures shouldn’t make me hate myself. Just because it’s not my “best angle.” I’m still the same person. And I still love myself. God still loves and chooses me. Even if I don’t look like a model. Even if I’m not super graceful or classy all the time. Even when I do weird things.

God thinks you are wonderful, He thinks I’m wonderful. He knows that sometimes, we suck as humans. But does that make him hate us? No. Absolutely not. He sees our salvation in Him and knows that we are still His. He knows that we are still beautiful, even if we’ve had a few bumps along our paths. So what makes you think less of yourself when you slip up? What gives you the right to make a horrible decision about yourself when the GOD OF TRUTH says, “I still love you.”

So this letter is for you. This letter is for the realization that you need to stop hating yourself. To show you the truth of how loved you are. So you can see how much you matter.

You are still loved by the God that has made billions upon billions of people. You are important to Him. Do you understand how much that means? It’s hard to fathom that he would even bat an eye towards me, but He does. He does more than that. He listens to me. He supports me. He loves me. And you.

You are not the lies you tell yourself, okay? You are not stupid. You are not useless. You are not a waste of space. You are not ugly. You are not hateful. You are not any of those nasty things. Please, please believe me.

You deserve to know that you are special. You are purposeful. You are smart. You are skilled. You are compassionate. You are important. You are freakin’ incredible. You are loved. You deserve love from yourself, too.

Stop saying, stop thinking, and stop believing that you hate yourself. You deserve better than that. I know it, and the most loving Father knows it, even if you don’t.

Oh and one more thing:

I hope you have a heckin’ awesome day, you beautiful thing.

With lots and lots of love,

The girl that has finally learned to stop hating herself.

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