Dear Mom and Dad. Love, Your Sasshole.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I sincerely apologize for being a sasshole to you both. I don’t know why I let my irritations sometimes get the best of me. I will try harder to be more respectful of you and your sacrifices for me. Thank you for loving me, even in my sassiest of moments.


Your teenage daughter.

The other day I apparently had an attitude with my parents (even though I didn’t notice it). I’m just kidding about the “apparently” part because I’m sure they were right. They’re pretty much always right about that, even when I want to argue against them. They asked me a question to which I responded with an answer I thought was completely acceptable. They, on the other hand, did not. My mom said, “Maybe you should right a blog about not being a sasshole to your parents.” She probably (definitely) wasn’t being serious, but I decided to do it anyways, because sometimes, we’re sassy little creatures, even if we’re not trying to be.

This sassy issue normally just occurs towards my parents, which doesn’t make sense to me because I really do love and respect them so much. They’re my most trusted BFF’s, but also my role models. It’s just that sometimes, I get easily annoyed for no reason. It has to stop though.

My parents (and probably yours) have given up so much for me (and you). Shall we list some of it off, just so you really believe me?

DISCLAIMER: I understand there are people who have not been able to experience this type of relationship with their parents. People who have had to provide for themselves and siblings for most of their lives. This is not for those people. I do, however, strongly recommend that you forgive your parents if they didn’t take the best care of you while growing up. I’m also sorry that you didn’t know what it was like to feel the type of love that comes from a good parent/child relationship.


Well first of all, basically ALL OF THEIR TIME HAS BEEN SPENT ON YOU. Okay, that was dramatic. Guess what else it was. CORRECT. When your mom was pregnant with you (if they are your biological parents) they gave up some of their fun freedom and replaced it with some pretty sick cravings and actual sickness. They had to skip out on trips from the time you were born until you were old enough to not need a constant babysitter. They have given (and continue to) give you rides pretty much everywhere. Even if they have something better they could be doing. I’m just a cheerleader, yet they still come to as many football and basketball games as they can, just to support me. They also make it to just about every music event I’m involved in. Some parents can’t do this, but most of the time it’s because they’re working. If they’re not with you, they’re praying you’re safe and having fun. Safe fun. With good kids. Seriously guys, don’t believe me? Ask your mom/dad how often they think about you while you’re gone. They don’t just forget about you while you’re out of their sight.


Do you eat at your house? I really hope so. If you’re living with your parents, guess who (probably) bought (most of) your groceries! And your clothing! And your phone! I understand there are kids that have paid for just about everything themselves since they were able to do so. But for a lot us, we haven’t. Our parents did. They might not pay for everything you eat or own, but they contributed. Or they gave you a job so you can afford those things. You also live or have lived in their house. No, you probably didn’t have to pay rent. If you did, I’m really sorry. I have asked my parents way too many times if I can borrow money to eat or buy a shirt or something like that. They have said yes so many times and haven’t expected me to pay them back every time, even though I really should. I haven’t done anything to deserve their money for things I want. We are not rich, but my parents have done everything they can to provide for me and my sisters, and now their grandchildren. No, we don’t get everything we want. But I’m thankful for that because they still give us more than enough. They give up luxuries they could have so we can have what we want. It’s kind of crazy how selfless parents can be.

I was working and a lady came in with her daughter and granddaughter. She bought her a daughter a shirt. Her granddaughter is already grown and married so you know that the daughter has long since moved out. And her mother still paid for her. It doesn’t end guys, it really doesn’t.


I bet my mom would love a mani-pedi. Or to go on a shopping spree for new clothes. To take a spontaneous trip to the beach. To buy a camper for that spontaneous trip to the beach. Or to go to Tennessee. I’m sure my dad would love a new vehicle. And a fancy garage to put it in. Also, he would adore a new shop so he can have a space to build and fix things (he’s such a man). I would love for my parents to be able to do and have these things. But here I am, and they just so happen to love me. Which means… my mom buys me clothes even when she goes with the intentions of getting herself something nice. They pay for my gas instead of saving up that money for themselves. They work so hard, but don’t spend that money on everything they want. They spend it on what my siblings and I want/need. Even though my siblings are grown up and don’t live at home, they are still spoiled occasionally. That’s how much my parents love us. That’s how selfless they are. It’s almost insane.

Legitimately, they’re insane people. And it’s amazing.

If I’m in a bad mood, I sometimes take it out on my parents. It’s not fair to them. Not at all. The Bible says to honor thy mother and father. So why am I easily turned against them? It honestly doesn’t make sense. They have raised me to be a strong Christian woman with lots of love. They have been incredible parents, but sometimes I don’t appreciate them enough. Mom and dad, I’m so sorry for all the times I have under-appreciated or disrespected you. I realize now that it was uncalled for. I will try harder.

Thank you for giving too much and loving unconditionally. You’re wonderful people. Once again, I’m sorry for being a sasshole. But I love you even when I’m having an attitude.

Thank your parents for their sacrifices and love. Apologize for being sassy. Seriously. They’ll probably understand, but it’s still appreciated if you give them a sincere apology and throw a hug in there too while you’re at it.

On behalf of the children: thank you to the parents that have been there for us. Even if you couldn’t give as much as you wanted, it still means the world to us that you tried and still gave more than you should. We love you.


All the Kids.

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