I Want To Be a Walking Sunflower

My friends and I were talking about flowers a couple weeks ago and talking about which were our favorites. We were very bored, if you can’t tell based on our topic of choice. I’m not a huge flower person. They’re pretty and all, but I don’t know all the different names and which is which. I just thought I didn’t have a favorite flower. Then I thought about sunflowers.

I’ve always loved sunflowers. They’re simple, but beautiful. Every summer, you can see them EVERYWHERE in Kansas. They just look like happy plants. A few years ago, I remember someone telling me that sunflowers always grow towards the sun. Isn’t that cool?!

Facts about sunflowers are intriguing to me, especially how they grow. What if we were like sunflowers in this way? They follow all movements of the sun in the sky. Always facing the sun. Only, we should always be keeping our face towards the Son. THE Son.

When we don’t follow Jesus and His teachings, we’re not really growing up. Growing sideways maybe. Some might be doing the opposite and withering and browning. Can you imagine a sunflower that decided it didn’t like the sun and grew sideways and wonky? It’d be ridiculous.

These flowers are also one of the fastest growing plants. New believers in Christ often find their faith very quickly and gain so much knowledge in a short amount of time. They are some of the fastest growing people.

I decided to do a some more research about sunflowers so I knew I wasn’t crazy and that they do, in fact, grow towards the sun. I started finding all kinds of fun facts that help give this post actual meaning. Not just me being crazy.

I found out that the sunflower symbols faith, loyalty, and adoration. You can’t make this stuff up people. God must’ve done this on purpose.

All of our faith should be in God. He should have every ounce of our trust. Knowing that if we fall, he will catch us.

We are supposed to be loyal to God. Having no other gods before Him. Nothing at all before Him. Clinging entirely to Him.

We should have adoration for God. Adoration and love because he sacrificed so much for us. He made us, He protects us, He loves us. Why wouldn’t we just absolutely be in awe of Him.

A single sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds. Those seeds can be spread and that’s obviously how new sunflowers grow. What if our seeds were love and truth? We could spread it and grow new sunflowers out of people that have never believed or have fallen away.

PEOPLE. This is crazy. We should be walking sunflowers! Who would’ve guessed that? Definitely not me. They stand for everything that we should stand for towards our Father. I have a new respect and love for sunflowers. I never thought that a sunflower could be my role model.

“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’”

John 8:12

He is our light in this world. Like the sun to the sunflowers.

Also, sunflowers are the only flower that actually have “flower” in their real name.

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