Be a Cloud

What am I talking about? That’s really a good question…

Before I started blogging, but was heavily considering it, I was trying to think of what to write about. I was in the car with my mom wondering, “Will I even be able to write more than one or two posts?” So I started look around for inspiration I could find. Something that wasn’t just obvious and common.

I looked up and thought, “clouds are pretty cool.” I normally don’t think about clouds. Unless I’m excited because they’re going to help pull us out of a drought, or I’m annoyed they ruined plans. But what can you write about a cloud? Some people hate them, some love them. They’re just water that sometimes falls to the ground. But what if a cloud could mean more than that. Bear with me here. I know I sound crazy.

Okay, so let’s start with how clouds even get there. I’m about to give a third grade science lesson here so you’re able to follow my thought process. Water on the ground evaporates and goes into the sky. The particles all gather together and make the cloud. When the cloud has enough water accumulated, it eventually rains. This rain helps everything to grow healthier and bigger.

So, what if we acted like clouds?

A couple months ago, one of my classmates was talking about how he is confused about the whole “bible thing.” How does Christianity work? He wasn’t doubting, just confused and curious. Also curious about evolution. Intrigued by both, but not solid in either. Not an atheist, but not faithful. Another friend of mine and I started trying to explain some of it to him. I just couldn’t find the right words other than, “you just have to have faith that He did this and He’s here. I can’t fathom that the entire universe was just here. He had to have made it.” He understood but didn’t necessarily completely agree with me. There wasn’t much that I backed that up with.

Looking back on this situation, I wish I would have been able to think of a scripture or a first hand example to give him. I couldn’t. I didn’t know enough in my head or heart that would’ve been useful useful.

I’m bad about falling into the habit of thinking “I’m too busy to study my bible tonight.” And then the next night. And the next night. Before I knew it, I hadn’t studied in a couple of months because I was “too busy.” Because of my laziness and lack of desire to learn and become closer to God, I missed an opportunity to bring someone to the family.

You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with a cloud. Clouds gather countless, COUNTLESS, number of raindrops. What if we gathered and took in the Word like a cloud does with water particles? When clouds have enough water stored, they let the rain down. What if we poured down the messages and good news we learned from the Bible? When rain has reached the ground, it causes plants to grow and be healthy. Plants that feed animals and humans. Plants that make this planet beautiful and give off oxygen. If we share the Bible with others, they will grow. Their souls will be watered and replenished, making them transform into something bigger, more beautiful. Then this newly water soul will eventually rise up with more water drops, until it becomes a cloud of its own.

Unlike clouds, we keep our rain with us always. When we share it with other, it’s inside us. When we’re having bad days, it will still be inside of us, maybe just not as close to the surface. Another thing that separated us from clouds is the flooding issue. With clouds, it is an issue. With us, it’s not. You can NEVER share the Word of God too much or too often.

Us Christians need to be FLOODING this whole Earth. Flooding with knowledge, love, truth, hope. God made the promise to never flood the Earth again. His promise was made strictly about water. Aha. He didn’t say we couldn’t flood it.

Find a way, make time, get up earlier. Do anything in order to make time for God. No more excuses. The small, white, baby clouds in the sky are cute to look at and cause no change in the weather. But they make no impact unless they grow bigger.

So go, my friends. Go and be a cloud.

One thought on “Be a Cloud

  1. Good analogy and post Madison, see it was more than a few words.

    On Wed, Jun 6, 2018, 7:34 PM Faithfully Falling Into Life wrote:

    > faithfullyfallingintolife posted: “What am I talking about? That’s really > a good question… Before I started blogging, but was heavily considering > it, I was trying to think of what to write about. I was in the car with my > mom wondering, “Will I even be able to write more than one or two ” >

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