Maybe Boys Aren’t Actually Trash

“Boys are trash. Literally all of them.” “I’m so done with boys and their games.” “These boys are never gonna grow up, seriously.” “Guys will always be childish. They’re not going to change.”

If you have any type of social media or know any teenage girl, you’ve probably heard at least one of the sayings mentioned above. Alright, ladies. We get it. A boy hurt your heart. I know how it feels, I really do. But can we please stop with the “boys are trash?”

You don’t think these boys are ever going to change and it’s exhausting. BUT, it’s not always the boy’s fault. I feel that lately, teenagers have been very quick to jump on blame train and get upset over small things that just need to be talked over. Boom, like magic, some problems will be solved. Honestly, it’s pretty tiring to listen to all of the trash talk of the opposite gender. Who knows, you just might be right, maybe some of them won’t change. I’m no fortune teller, but some of them will. They will do a total 180 turn that no one will expect. They will repent. And it will be amazing.

My parents have been married for 27 years. They are rock solid in their love for each other and love for God. But let me tell you, it wasn’t always like that. They’ve always been great people but the whole church thing hasn’t always been great for them.

Before I was born, my dad did not to go to church. He was raised in a Catholic family and was christened as a baby. Well, when him and my mom first got married, he went to church with my mom every Sunday. They went even before they were married (couple goals)! But they switched churches and my dad started working the night shift at his current job. He had more important things to be doing than church. But he was already saved so why did it matter? So my mom would take my two older sisters to church and dad just wouldn’t go. She didn’t nag him about it, but she always made sure to ask if he wanted to join them for church. Well, one Sunday, he decided to go to with the family and everything kind of just clicked. They had issues with the church they were members of and stopped going altogether for awhile. My oldest sister (10 at the time, I was one 1) asked if they could try going to my uncle’s church. That’s the church we still go to now. My sister is 26 now and I’m 16. My dad realized he needed to devote his life to God. He eventually got baptized on Easter Sunday when my other sister did, when I was just a few years old. It took a few years of convincing from the church, because he thought he didn’t deserve it, but he is now an elder. Talk about a humble man. My mom and dad have done countless things, both in the church and outside of it, to serve. They have become wonderful servants for the Lord and I’m so proud to have them as my parents. They have been through so many rough times within the church, but they keep pushing on and not letting it bring them down. They continue to give their hearts to Jesus and it amazes me to see them giving and leading and still growing.

My sister and her husband also started off their marriage kind of similar to my parents. It took them a few years, but now they are so involved in the church! She has been saved for quite a few years, but he just got baptized a couple of years ago. They both have an amazing love for Christ that was not there at the beginning of their life together. It has strengthened just about every aspect of their life together and made them a better couple. They have three beautiful kids that are going to be raised completely different than if those two hadn’t made their way back to Jesus. That house will be full of little worshippers.

These are two strong examples of men changing. They are strong men of God that I can look up to. And they’re both within my family. So please, stop believing and spreading the lie that all boys are terrible! I truly am sorry for whatever they have done to hurt you, but they can change.

If we don’t keep letting these boys do the things that hurt us, and if we don’t keep running back RIGHT AFTER they hurt us, maybe we could all go a little further with our lives and find a peace we haven’t been able to accept. The boys will learn that maybe they are doing something wrong, and the girls that are calling boys out will realize that they need to stand up for themselves and stay standing. We need to stop holding our grudges against them though.

Boys can change. They do change. And thankfully, girls do too.

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that he may send the Messiah, who has been appointed for you—even Jesus.”

Acts 3:19-20

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