The Story Behind the Name

My mom, my sisters, and I kept spouting off names that seemed fitting to me. There were so many we all liked but too many just didn’t seem quite fitting. Sooo… after hearing all the opinions and having some of my own, I took words out of a few of our other ideas and put them together to come up with “Faithfully Falling Into Life.”

It seems very fitting to me and what I want to write about. I want share my faith and encourage others to share theirs. I thought falling was the right word to describe it also. I’m just letting God take me wherever he wants right now. I’m just free falling, and for the ride. I also thought of falling because I had originally wanted to use failing instead. Because I am WAY far off perfect. I know I fail in many ways, very often. But the cool thing about it is that Jesus doesn’t care. He knows I’m going to fail and He’s already taken care of it. He continues to love me anyways. And finally, I threw in “into life.” I’m just barely a senior in high school. Let me tell you, I’m pretty nervous to be soon moving on to the next step in my life. It’s going to happen, though, whether I’m ready for it or not. So I might as well just let Him lead the way without holding back. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you will relate to me and understand my words as we all grow. Grow in age, wisdom, faith, and love.

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